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Know the professionals behind I-Care Home Healthcare...


I-Care Home Healthcare Criteria for Admission

We hope that this guide will help you determine if you are an ideal candidate for home health care.

  • a. When your physician has recommended you to receive home health care from skilled health care professionals such as a nurse or a therapist
  • b. When your insurance provider covers healthcare services that are provided to individuals are deemed homebound due to:
    • i. Chronic Illness
    • ii. Injury
    • iii. Post-Surgery Recovery
    • iv. Terminal-Illness

    Homebound individuals are those who are unable to leave their home unaccompanied. Such individuals need to be accompanied to medical appointments or personal appointments because leaving home on their own would be unsafe or harmful to their health. If you are still able to drive despite your health condition, you are not homebound.

  • c. The level of care required for you by your physician must be provided on an intermittent basis.

If you meet the criteria listed above, you can complete the online form here to proceed with admission into our services:


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